Care At Homes

The Care At Homes – Home Care Team, with CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad offers quality home care services across Ahmedabad and some of it’s surrounding regions.


India’s leading experts of doctors and nurses under a single roof have come to offer the best home care in Ahmedabad. Healthcare at home, is one of the most sought after requirements in post treatment hospital care. Patients and their relatives wish to be cared for from home, and would prefer being helped and assisted at home.


A growing concern has been providing affordable yet complete care for ailing and recovering patients at home. These patients prefer to be in an environment of their liking, where they have family and friends easily accessible to them. Care At Homes in Ahmedabad, makes things easy with our team visiting your home, rather than you visiting us. The importance of at-home services is growing. In the last decade or so, people wish to get services at their door step. Though in healthcare, this is not always possible, Care At Homes in Ahmedabad – Home Care Unit makes most types of healthcare including preventive checkups possible.


Home care for patients requires the best nurses, best doctors and the best healthcare operators working around the clock and that’s why with Care At Homes you can be assured of the best home care in not just Ahmedabad but all over Gujarat. We have a team of trained professional doctors, nurses and patient care experts who have the home touch or as we generally call it the human touch. That’s why patients all over Ahmedabad prefer using CIMS Hospital and the Care at Homes team for both in hospital patient care as well as at home patient care.


The Prominence of health care services has evolved in India. Today, health care services is undergoing a revolutionary change with changing medical innovations, newer technology and understanding of receiving the right medical care. Also, in today’s fast paced world, it has become extremely important and difficult to receive a continuance of the right medical care after discharge from hospital.


When the health of a loved one is compromised, all treatment options can seem a bit overwhelming. Often, many patients and their families choose to receive medical care in the comfort of home. It’s a familiar alternative to the hurried pace of a hospital, nursing home, or assisted living community.

And for that reason Care At Homes, was created to help make home care easy. Relax at Home. Care At Homes will do the rest !

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