Patient First Always 

Marengo CIMS HOSPITAL has started its Homecare Vertical “CARE AT HOMES” by following its ‘Patient  First Always‘ approach in 2014. Since then it has touched lives of thousands of people with its various  services like Caregiver, Nursing Assistance, Medical Equipment, Doctors at home, Medicine delivery,  Laboratory investigations and so on.  

While tackling the dire situation of COVID-19, we have successfully served thousands of patients at their  homes with all the necessary precautions and we have been awarded with Just Dial’s “USERS’CHOICE  AWARD-2020” and “USERS’ CHOICE AWARD- 2021” consecutively for 2 years.  

Over the years we are bringing the ease, accessibility and affordability of Care to everyone at their own  place with our experienced team of Doctors, Nurses, Phlebotomist and Paramedics driven by our  concept of 4 C’s i.e. Care, Courtesy, Compassion, and Competency.  

Now, we are expanding our vertical with addition of new personalized patient friendly care as “Patient  Rehabilitation at Home”. Whether it is neuro, cardio, nephro or any speciality, with our expertise we  are again moving forward to touch millions of lives at their own pace, at their own comfort.